About Me!

I’ve been passionate about cake for as long as I can remember; going back to baking with my mum when I was young. Only in my 20s did I start to develop a passion for decorating cakes too and I began making more and more elaborate cakes for family and friends.

After my son was born, I continued my fundraising career but it didn’t hold the same appeal as before, and my family took precedence. Wanting more time with my son before he grows up helped me make a decision in 2017 to take a leap of faith and set up Sparkles and Swirls.

I realised what a minefield of information is available for someone setting up a food business so decided to start documenting the stages – and trials – of setting up my own. You can read more at my blog here:

Sparkles and Swirls is proud to have attained a Food Standards Agency (in partnership with Croydon) Food Hygiene rating of 5 out of 5 (Very Good). 

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A little bit of sparkle is a piece of cake!

My vision for Sparkles and Swirls is simple; I want you to love your celebration cake as much as I enjoy making it. Where no two people are the same, the same should go for your cakes, and I create every cake individually for each order. All the images you see on this site are my cakes, and any can be recreated; but I want your cake to be about you, and I offer a totally bespoke service. Get in touch and we can have a chat about what will best suit you and your event.