No blog today, and a slightly more interactive style of post. I need all your help.

I roughly know what sort of cakes I want to be making. But if they’re not the sort of cakes people want, I won’t get very far. So, can I ask that you please take a couple of minutes to tell me all about your cake eating habits. Clearly not the most appealing exercise after the over-indulgence of Christmas, but try to ignore that for a moment!

I will also give away a dozen cupcakes to one of you lucky people for giving up your time, but not until at least February so you’ve got time to get over the Christmas excesses.

Thank you!

Because I’m a technology numpty, I haven’t been able to embed the survey on this page, so please click on the link to go directly to it instead.
Click here for cake survey

As an added incentive, here are some of my cocktail cupcakes, Bailey’s and Pina Colada…

Cocktail cupcakes - Bailey's and Pina Colada