January has been rather strange. I was all excited about setting up a cake business, and then reality hit – I have to do all the set up, so I haven’t done a stitch of baking.

Yesterday that changed as I set off to the depths of Surrey to Squires Kitchen International Cookery School for an Introduction to Airbrushing course. My lovely husband bought me a Cassie Brown airbrush for Christmas, which I’ve been too scared to take out of the packaging for fear of breaking it / somehow blowing up the kitchen with spray paint. I was rather relieved that the ten other people on the course were in a similar situation; many of them with shiny new airbrushes they’d been too afraid to use too.

The course was run by Laura Dodimead from Life in Sugar who immediately put the class at ease by showing us just how simply you can put together an airbrush and start using the tool. It was a long day, and expensive for a one day course, but worth every penny as Laura crammed so much into the training, and everyone had plenty of time to practice the different techniques. I’m desperate to airbrush everything now though! One downside of airbrushing – it goes everywhere so I need to source a giant box to try and contain it within the kitchen at home.

I’ve come home with all these new skills and with a renewed kick up the backside to get up and running as soon as possible. So much so that today I submitted my Food Business Establishment application to Croydon Council. They have 28 days to respond, and while technically they can’t refuse an application, I don’t want to be begrudgingly approved, I want to make sure everything is in place for when they turn up on my door step to inspect the kitchen. The hard work starts now!

Some of yesterday’s creations below. Definitely more practice needed but very pleased with my first ever attempts, and I can see how much potential there is to make absolutely stunning cake designs.